Houses for sale Queanbeyan

Houses for sale Queanbeyan

Houses for Sale Queanbeyan have long been synonymous with style, hard-working people, and country living benefits. As a local businessman, I am thrilled to be living in such an area. Located on the Queanbeyan River, while conveniently located only a short drive from the A.C.T border is the Queanbeyan Property market.
Houses in Queanbeyan have a diverse build. A drive around the area while showing older style designs and new modern scale designs, as the area’s developed.

Apart from a growing Real Estate Industry- The word Queanbeyan is the anglicized form of Quinbean, an Aboriginal word meaning “clear waters”.

The median price in Queanbeyan

Yes Property Agents can reveal that the median sales price for houses in Queanbeyan, NSW in the last year was approximately $490,000 -530,000 based on about 50 home sales.

While the rental yield for houses for sale Queanbeyan was noted around 4.5% based on less than 200 property rentals.

Pre-listing your property questions are a great way to determine a price. What is the size of your home? Which zoning is it located in? Are amenities are nearby?. All these and more are considered when we appraise your property. We will seek to provide the most accurate selling price and best presentation we can offer.

Real estates in Queanbeyan
Next, you may wonder, where is the best place to advertise? We offer several advertising mediums, however have found online to be the most cost-effective.

Yes Property Agents endeavor to provide the highest standard of customer service available. We know the area and people and are always helpful.

We provide accurate, honest, and relevant information. Our client’s best interests always come first and we do our best to exceed the customer’s expectations while maintaining the highest level of professional services.

It is this commitment that makes us the right choice when selecting your real estate agent.
Growing up in Queanbeyan it was a natural progression that Yes Property Agents be established here.

Houses for sale Queanbeyan
The median price for a Unit could set you about $295,000. However, noting annual capital growth is 1.33%. One can base the Number of sales on about 140, Weekly median advertised rent of $330 at the time of publishing.

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