Is ‘Rentvesting’ An Option

Rentvesting is a modern property investment strategy where individuals rent a home to live in while simultaneously owning investment properties in different locations. This approach allows people to live in their preferred location, which might be too expensive to buy in, while still building wealth through real estate investments in more affordable areas. Yes property agents take  a detailed look at...

Rent Assistance – How Much Can You Get?

Rent Assistance – How Much Can You Get? In Australia, rent assistance programs are primarily administered through the federal government and some state and local initiatives. Yes Property Agents provide the main sources of rent assistance and how much you might be able to receive: Federal Programs Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA): Eligibility: Available to individuals and families who...


What To Look For in Tenants

There are many ingredients that go into becoming a successful real estate agent. Trying to master all the different pieces of the puzzle can be difficult, but one thing you definitely need to know, is what tolook for in tenants, because if you get the right tenant things will go as smoothly as can be expected,however if you choose the wrong tenant it can turn out to be very costly and stressful. It is a...

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