Tom Velk
  • Specialties: Property management, Real estate development, Real estate appraising, Retail leasing, Apartment brokerage

Property Types

  • 90% Residential
  • 30% Apartment
  • 20% House
  • -40% Other

Property Status

  • 50% For Rent
  • 30% SOLD
  • 20% For Sale

About Tom Velk

In a very short space of time Yes Property Agents has grown to become one of the area’s preferred Queanbeyan Real Estate Agencies offering a results driven service no other agency can match.

My name is Tom Velk &  i have been involved in Real Estate for about 10 years.

As many successful business owner’s may tell, i also took a risk in opening my own office instead of working for a larger agency. Soon after i discovered the rewards of customized service and client appreciation. I am very glad i took the step and moving forward today operate a well established business in Queanbeyan.

To sum up my service to you i ll be looking  at maximising returns, minimising difficulties and delivering the best possible service and Sale price.

You will quickly learn that i am upfront in our discussions. Anything you need to know about pricing or the process or marketing strategy then i encourage you to work with me so i can best satisfy your questions.

Tell me more

Yes Property Agents goals are to build long standing trusted relationships with people looking into Real estate.

Learning my Real estate trade in Sydney City & Inner suburbs allowed me a database of Investment ready buyers. Take advantage of my extensive knowledge and expertise.

Away from the office, i m a parent of two gorgeous kids. I pride myself on taking an active role in the community and understand the attractions of living life locally in Queanbeyan as well as been actively involved in Canberra.

Queanbeyan Real Estate

Are you looking for a professional and trusting Real Estate agent with out the high pressure tactics. You are welcome to give me a call today. We welcome you to our office in Queanbeyan to gain a better understanding of our services and capabilities in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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