Rent Assistance – How Much Can You Get?

Rent Assistance – How Much Can You Get?

In Australia, rent assistance programs are primarily administered through the federal government and some state and local initiatives. Yes Property Agents provide the main sources of rent assistance and how much you might be able to receive:

Federal Programs

  1. Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA):
    • Eligibility: Available to individuals and families who receive certain social security payments or family payments and pay rent.
    • Amount: The amount of CRA depends on the amount of rent you pay and your family situation.

State and Territory Programs

Each state and territory may offer additional support for those in need. Here are some examples:

New South Wales (NSW):

    • Rent Choice: Provides up to three years of rental assistance for people at risk of homelessness, including Rent Choice Start Safely for those escaping domestic violence.
    • Temporary Accommodation: Short-term accommodation for people in crisis.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT):

  • Rental Bond Help: Interest-free loans for rental bonds.
  • Housing ACT: Various assistance programs for low-income renters.

Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations

  • Salvation Army: Provides emergency financial assistance, including rent help.
  • St Vincent de Paul Society: Offers support for those facing financial hardship, including rental assistance.
  • Mission Australia: Various housing and homelessness services, including rental support.

How to Apply

  • Centrelink: For Commonwealth Rent Assistance, you can apply through Centrelink if you already receive a qualifying payment.
  • State and Territory Housing Departments: Contact your local housing department or service for state-specific programs.
  • Nonprofits and Charities: Reach out to local branches of these organizations for assistance.

To determine Rent Assistance – How Much Can You Get and the exact amount you might receive, you will need to contact the relevant provider.


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