Queanbeyan Real Estate

We are recognized in the Queanbeyan Real Estate market, as a locally Owned and Operated Agency.

As we are firmly based on positive word-of-mouth recommendations to both family and friends, and the local people.

Clients who buy through us generally go on to engage us when they come to sell their property later.

Queanbeyan popultion is growing and Yes Property Agents are well established to provide services in the Area for us to cater for.

As a smaller Queanbeyan Real Estate Agency, one will find our greatest strength, is that as a client, you will deal with a business owner when it comes to your property.

Our office is centrally positioned in Queanbeyan, with ample parking.


Yes Property Agents- Real Estate Agency, we are able to customize our services to suit you. Whether this is in regards to a sale campaign, an appointment, or selecting the level of services you desire.

We are also very well aware that in small business, Yes Property Agents reputation is everything.

We re always for helping and providing advice to customers wishing to know more about the market.

Having successfully run a Real Estate business in Sydney City years ago, i feel a sparkling approach to commencing in Queanbeyan.  Mixing modern-day advertising and innovation in today’s marketplace.

The locals themselves are able to spot the excellent life-style and facilities that Queanbeyan may offer.


Queanbeyan Real Estate


Yes Property Agents

Yes Property Agents wish to achieve a result to the vendor’s expectation, rather than a ‘sale at any price’.  A satisfying result for our clients also ensures an appetite of referral and repeat business, in many cases where the majority of our clients arrive from.

A recent client described Yes Property Agents perfectly with the following testimonial. “Professional, authentic and honest. Tom attracted a buyer within a few days of the Selling my Queanbeyan Property”.

We love operating Real Estate business in Queanbeyan. We are always bumping into past clients and meeting new people, business owners, and friends in the area. It feels great to be part of the Queanbeyan community.

Whether you’re selling your family home or searching for your next property. Queanbeyan is a wonderful area to consider. Here are some tips to best get your ready.

We believe that in building a great neighbourhood. And that it starts with caring and supporting local programs in Queanbeyan and organizations that make a profound difference in everyday lives.

We also keep up to date with our Local Council on property zoning and related matters.

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